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Freon Leak Need Fixing?

Freon leaks can be quite the hassle! When your commercial appliance needs a Freon refill or repair this means your fridge or freezer is not cooling and is not performing optimally. Freon can be toxic to you and to the environment. It is imperative that the problem is identified as soon as possible and is checked out by a professional. That’s where we come in! At Cooper Fix not only do we offer Same-Day commercial appliance repair service in Toronto and the GTA we also provide a FREE Service Call with any repair!

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Affordable Rates

An appliance repair shouldn’t cost the same as a new appliance. We’ll help you save more!

Bonded & Insured

Better be safe than sorry - we are bonded and insured for your piece of mind. Our warranty also backs our work.

Reliable Service

Our industry experts can repair even the most complicated appliance issues.

Excellent Reputation

Our work speaks for itself, and we have over 20 years of experience to back it all up.

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Industrial Fridge Freon Issues Repair

Having your commercial fridge or freezer breakdown is not only a headache but a huge inconvenience as it can result in loss of inventory and money! We at Cooper Fix can help reduce the damage by diagnosing the problem early and have it fixed efficiently and reliably as quickly as possible. With over 20 years of experience in fixing commercial appliances, let us take care of that headache for you!

Making our clients happy with our work means everything to us, we believe in our technicians 100% and hence can offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed. As a family owned and operated business we have worked hard to build a reputation in the industry and amongst clients, we maintain this reputation and respect by consistently being transparent, reliable and efficient professionals. 

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    Commercial Fridge Brands We Repair

    commercial appliance brands
    Commercial Brands We Repair
    Based on 96 reviews
    Danny Levin
    Danny Levin
    October 13, 2023
    Tomer at Cooperfix was an extremely knowledgeable professional that had the expertise to repair/rebuild a water chiller unit that I do not think many others would have been able to. He had to make 3 total visits during which he was always on time, polite and the quoted prices were the end prices with no surprises. Highly recommend.
    dee cheng
    dee cheng
    August 25, 2023
    They know what there doing! Not like so many other companies scam ppl. Knowledgeable and professional, thank you guys!
    David Lee
    David Lee
    April 14, 2023
    Tom showed up on time, was very knowledgeable and very transparent with pricing. He fixed our problem quickly, will definitely call again if needed.
    Steve Valentini
    Steve Valentini
    February 17, 2023
    Fixed our walk-in cooler. Was fast, professional, and explained everything they were doing. Will keep going back for any needs we have.
    Onin Watin
    Onin Watin
    November 28, 2022
    Very quick response. I saw their ad in facebook marketplace. Called them, booked same day, came after a few hours, fixed everything in 30mins. Very professional and knowledgable.

    Common Commercial Fridge Issues

    • Strange fridge sounds
    • Freezer not freezing all shelves
    • Fridge drain issues
    • Fridge error code
    • Fridge leaks water
    • Freezer not cooling
    • Fridge is leaking water
    • Fridge doesn’t work
    • Strange freezer noise
    • Fridge is warm
    • Clicking sound from freezer
    • Broken fridge water dispenser
    • Icemaker doesn’t dispense ice
    • Ice maker not working
    • Fridge freezes food
    • Coils frosting up
    • Broken fridge light
    • Fridge compressor is too hot
    • No water from fridge dispenser
    • Fridge fan broken
    • Fridge freezing food
    • Fridge temperature too low
    • Broken icemaker
    • Fridge temperature too high
    • Condensation in fridge
    • Fridge door not closing properly
    • Freezer not closing properly

    Commercial Fridge Repair FAQs

    How much does a commercial fridge unit repair cost?

    On average, a commercial fridge repair can cost anywhere between $200 and up to $1000, depending on the issue that needs to be fixed and parts needed. For example, a simple thermostat replacement will cost much less than issues with themotor.

    Your commercial fridge not cooling can be a huge headache especially because there is so much at stake such as food and produce going to waste! There can be many factors as to why your fridge may not be cooling at optimal level and our team of experts are prepared to do all kinds of troubleshooting and repairs accordingly. 

    The most common reasons as to why your commercial fridge may not be cooling efficiently are changes in thermostat settings, doors being left open for too long, blocked vents or door gaskets have become weak. If after checking these issues your commercial fridge is still not cooling, it’s time to call in the experts! 

    If you notice your commercial fridge is blowing hot air, this is definitely a huge cause of concern as it indicates your appliance is not working as it should. The root cause in most cases can be your fridge compressor. Some common issues as to why your fridge may be blowing hot air can be narrowed down to dirty condenser coils, issues with the evaporator fan motor or malfunction in the relay-start capacitor. 

    The evaporator fan motor helps circulate air over the evaporator coil in a uniform manner so the fridge can cool efficiently at the set temperature. If there is a malfunction in the motor, the fridge will not be able to cool consistently or at all. The relay-start capacitor is what supplies power to the fridge compressor. If the relay-start malfunctions, the compressor will cool inconsistently or may not cool at all. 

    Ice build up in a commercial fridge can thoroughly disrupt the functionality of the appliance. It is important to first understand why this occurs. The biggest reason as to why ice builds up in a commercial fridge is when hot or humid air is let into the fridge often and for prolonged periods of time. This commonly occurs when employees are restocking the fridge or when the fridge door is not shut properly. Another cause of ice build up can be due to faulty or damaged door hinges. 

    Ice build up not only damages the appliance physically but also disrupts its internal functionality greatly! Overall running costs start to increase because the commercial fridge starts to work in overdrive trying to compensate for the hot or humid air that is compromising the cooling levels set for the fridge. This causes the appliance to use more energy and starts affecting other parts of the fridge resulting in expensive repairs. 

    You are likely better off fixing an issue rather than replacing the entire fridge, simply because they are very expensive to begin with. Unless the fridge is very old and deemed beyond repair, fixing it can save you a lot of money. However, if you continue to experience issues that are costing you a lot, it may be better for you to just replace the fridge.

    Yes, we offer same-day service. As long as your fridge repair technician doesn’t need any spare parts to fix the issue, you can have it fixed within the same day. Our technicians are always available for same day fridge repair service.

    At Cooper Fix, we send out the best and experienced technicians to fix your commercial fridge. Normally one or two technicians will arrive at your business and inspect the appliance. After identifying the issue, they will let you know what the issue is and provide you with a quote. If you decide to continue with the repair, our technicians will proceed with fixing the fridge.

    There are a few things you can do to make the fridge repair process quicker and easier. You can:

    • Empty out the fridge
    • Have all warranties and documents available (if you have them)
    • Make sure there is someone 18+ to meet the technicians

    Sometimes the technician is not able to fix the fridge without replacement parts. Depending on the availability of the spare parts, it may take a while for them to arrive. Cooper Fix technicians are well stocked with common spare parts, meaning they can usually perform repairs on the spot. However, if the spare part is not available at the moment, our technicians will make sure it is ordered and that it arrives as fast as possible.

    COOPER FIX Appliance Repair offers reliable, same-day appliance repair services in Toronto and the GTA. We can fix all your commercial appliances in:

    AngusKeswickRichmond Hill
    AuroraKing CityScarborough
    East GwillimburyMiltonToronto
    East YorkMississaugaUnionville
    EtobicokeNew TecumsethUxbridge
    Halton HillsNorth YorkWest Gwillimbury
    Holland LandingOak RidgesWoodbridge

    Our customer support center is open 7 days a week to assist you in booking a service call.

    Some of the businesses we have served throughout the years are:

    BakeriesDairyOrganic Food Shop
    CateringFood StoresPharmacies
    Chemical labsGrocery StoresProperty Managements
    CafeteriasIce Cream ShopRestaurants
    Coffee ShopIce-cream parlorConvenience stores
    Coin LaundryLogistics companiesFarm markets

    Throughout the years we had the chance to work with multiple fridge brands such as:

    Arctic AirImberaProcool
    BeaumarkIron MountainRoper
    Beverage airJenn AirSABA Air
    BoschKenmoreSilver King
    Bunkers Frozen NoveltyKings BottleSub Zero
    ColdcoKolpakTRUE Refrigeration
    DacorMagic ChefThermador
    DuracoldMaster BiltTurbo air
    EFIMaxx coldUS Refrigeration
    EcoSolarCoolMaytagUnited Refrigeration
    EmersonMoffatWP Restaurant Fridges
    Energy StarMonogramWestinghouse
    Fisher and PaykelNellaWhirlpool
    FisherNew AirWhynter
    Habcoand more….

    Industrial Fridge Maintenance Tips

    Keep coils free from dust and debris. Clean the coils with a coil cleaning brush and vacuum. The brushes can be used for cleaning your dehumidifier and air conditioner coils as well. You should generally do this twice a year. Always remember to unplug your fridge before cleaning it!

    Fridges use more energy and work harder if the gasket isn’t sealing well. Make sure to check the gasket for wear and tear often. If there are any cracks, it should be replaced. Make sure to clean the gasket with warm water mixed with soap to prevent damage from food and crumbs building up.

    Fridge water dispensers and ice makers have filters that need to be changed regularly. Check your fridge manufacturer instructions to find out how to keep your water dispenser and icemaker clean.

    Hot dishes that have just come out of the oven should not be placed in the fridge. This will cause an irregular temperature, meaning the fridge has to work harder to stabilize. Make sure hot items cool down before you put them inside the fridge.

    If your fridge doesn’t close properly, the cool air will escape, which will make it work much harder and also waste energy.

    Even though it is good to keep your fridge moderately full, don’t overcrowd it. Overcrowding can cause food to get in the way of any vents or controls. Also, be sure to keep food sealed with secured tops to minimize moisture.

    The position of the fridge is very important. Try to keep it away from any heating source such as a cooktop or oven. If the fridge is close to heat, it will work harder and use more energy.

    Common Fridge Parts

    • Air filter
    • Condenser fan
    • Thermostat
    • Heater and thermistor
    • Defrost control board
    • Evaporator fan
    • Water inlet valve
    • Compressor motor
    • Compressor pump
    • Condenser
    • Water filter
    • Water supply valve

    Each service truck carries a full inventory of common replacement parts so we can perform most fridge repairs within the same day.

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