Proper cleaning and organization can prolong the expected life of your commercial refrigerator. Having a commercial refrigerator that’s frequently maintained and cleaned will help keep your refrigerator habits consistent. Let’s discuss how to identify and fix problems that can arise with your commercial refrigerator. We guarantee that CooperFix can help.

Commercial Refrigerator Problems

Maintaining a refrigerator may appear to be straightforward, but it’s also easy to form poor behaviors that will lead to difficulties. If your refrigerator is set to the correct temperature but is not cooling correctly, there might be a problem with the thermostat. It’s important to take immediate action as the refrigerator may also possess a dirty fan, limited airflow, or leaks to the refrigerator.

Power issues will also affect your commercial refrigerator. If the power switch is on, and no power plugs are unattached, the refrigerator will not start. Avoid using any extension cords to keep a stable connection to your commercial refrigerator. Power issues with no immediate action will only increase further damage to your refrigerator. However, contacting CooperFix will be your best option for solving the issue on time.

Lighting problems can arise in your commercial refrigerator. Potentially, due to disconnected lights or a burned electrical socket. When replacing the light bulb, make sure it is approved by a repair expert.

Ice build-up is another problem with a commercial refrigerator. Poor air ventilation, faulty door gaskets, or doors left open for an extended period of time will cause ice build-up. Condensation will cause frost to form, processing unwanted heat into the unit.

Finally, if you start to hear abnormal noises coming from your refrigerator, there is a problem. Contact a CooperFix repair expert immediately if your refrigerator is making unusual sounds.

How to keep your Commercial Refrigerator Clean and Organized

Identifying a problem with a professional repair technician is essential. CooperFix encourages customers to take precautionary measures to ensure problems don’t happen to their commercial refrigerators. Let’s discuss the best ways you can organize and keep your commercial refrigerator clean.

Start by unplugging the unit, a safety measure that’s required when cleaning your commercial refrigerator. It also helps to prevent workplace accidents, safety protocols, and mandatory cleaning precautions.

Emptying all the shelves is a good action to take when organizing your refrigerator. Remove all food items that have been stored inside the fridge and place them in a functioning cooler/backup device that will keep all items fresh. Don’t use shortcuts such as moving things from one side to the other; doing so may result in unclean stains or moldy food items remaining in the refrigerator. Be sure to take items out and clean unwanted stains within the commercial refrigerator. Furthermore, once all of the items are removed from the shelf, you will then need to throw out any items that are expired. Simply, check the expiration dates of your food and keep the items in your refrigerator that are edible.

Once that procedure is completed, it’s important to disinfect the commercial refrigerator. Scrub down every component of the unit with soap and water. Additionally, disinfect the interior and exterior features of the refrigerator. It’s essential to maintain and organize the interior and exterior of your unit. 

Once the refrigerator is clean, place all items back in the unit. Organize your refrigerator into the top, middle, and bottom shelf compartments. On the highest shelf, keep fast-moving items such as ready-to-eat and pre-cooked meals in plain view. On your middle shelves, keep your items such as raw meat, seafood, and other meats organized together. Organize your dairy and other food groups in separate compartments. On the bottom, keep your other items such as fruits and vegetables. Aside from organizing the food groups, be sure to write down and mark expiration dates to avoid unwanted items in your commercial refrigerator. Having an organized refrigerator will make your life easier.

Is Your Commercial Refrigerator Cold Enough?

What happens if your commercial refrigerator isn’t cold? Take immediate action by considering ways to help the situation. Check to see if any items are blocking the thermostat/vents. Those items can be altering the refrigerator temperature. The condenser and evaporator fan are required to stay cold. When the fans aren’t running correctly, they can overheat and cause rising temperatures. Have a technician come and install a new fan before other challenges arise. Avoid possible trouble inside the commercial refrigerator. Condenser and evaporator coils that are clogged need to be cleaned. Contact a CooperFix repair technician to put your commercial refrigerator back to a healthy temperature.

If you happen to run into problems with your commercial fridge and need speedy repairs, you can always rely on CooperFix Appliance Repair. Our team has more than 20 years of experience repairing appliances of all brands and models. Contact us at +1(647) 483-3777 for all your appliance repair emergencies.

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