Every good restaurant owner knows you must prioritize taking care of your appliances and cleaning them. The service you provide can highly depend on the sanitation of your appliances and the dishes they clean. We’re certified experts who highly encourage commercial appliance owners to take serious measures when cleaning their appliances. Let’s discuss five tips on how you can clean your commercial appliance effectively.

Planning a Consistent Cleaning Schedule

A cleaning schedule is mandatory for any business when you’re operating commercial appliances. Everyone in the workplace should take a role in cleaning it, in order to be qualified to operate it in the first place. The cleaning schedule can simply outline checklists, tasks, and steps in the process to be completed. It’s best to pick a certain day throughout the week to create a routine when cleaning your commercial appliance. This ensures your business is always on top of its appliances and they can remain functioning at a high rate. Not cleaning your devices can lead to faulty appliances and commercial appliance repair. A schedule can organize a simple system for cleaning your commercial appliance.

Clean as you go

The majority of bacteria growth in your business is hidden in plain sight. Grease and dirt can build up if they aren’t cleaned properly. It’s important to take the time and clean your commercial appliances in a thorough manner as you go, especially if you don’t dedicate a day each week for maintenance. Refrigerators need their shelves emptied and food removed before starting the cleaning process. You can then proceed with wiping down the interior and exterior of the appliance. Additionally, cleaning your appliance as you go will help you further prevent issues from progressing, such as mold and contamination. This will ensure the next person using the appliance while it’s clean doesn’t continue to build up dirty residue.

Clean your Commercial Appliance Surroundings

No matter the location of your commercial appliance, always sanitize and clean its surroundings. Wiping down, rinsing, and removing waste from the interior and exterior of your commercial appliance is required. Bacteria is all over the place no matter the work setting. Sweeping, mopping, and wiping down the dirty areas can go a long way toward the sanitation of your work setting. If you encounter spills, garbage or any sight of unwanted dirt around your commercial appliance, clean it up. If they come in contact with the commercial appliance, it can potentially impact the functionality of that appliance. Your commercial appliance doesn’t take up the entirety of your workstation, but cleaning around the commercial appliance will prevent the spread of bacteria and other unwanted particles.

Don’t forget the Interior

Many think cleaning your commercial appliance is just cleaning the outside of the machine. For example, when cleaning a commercial refrigerator, sanitizing the outside of the fridge isn’t acceptable. You must take out your items and disinfect all the compartments of the fridge to avoid contamination. Cleaning the interior of an appliance can be difficult, but it can be a difference-maker. Debris, dust, and other bacteria can impact the appliance’s performance without the owner even knowing. Cleaning every inch of your commercial appliance will prolong the life of that appliance.

Purchase the Correct Cleaning Equipment

Your commercial appliances deserve the best when it comes to cleaning. It takes a lot for you to keep your commercial appliance in the best shape, but it’s worth it. A commercial appliance can be one of the most valuable assets for your business. A commercial refrigerator in a restaurant is very important, but it must be cleaned consistently for the business to be able to extract its full value. Make sure your business has all the correct cleaning tools to apply to their commercial appliances. The Inventory of your cleaning supplies should always be in order when it comes time to clean your commercial appliance.

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