What To Do When Your Walk-In Freezer Breaks

We understand how essential it is to maintain your commercial walk-in freezer in excellent condition. Owners rely on their walk-in freezer and classify it as one of their most important appliances. All frozen goods are garbage if your walk-in freezer isn’t working. At CooperFix, we want to show you what to do if your walk-in freezer is not operating as it should be. Our appliance repair is top-notch, but we also want to discuss what you should be doing if your walk-in freezer isn’t working. A broken freezer might be harmful to your company’s bottom line if you run a business that uses walk-in freezers. A commercial walk-in freezer repair may be expensive, which is one of the reasons many homeowners avoid them. However, a fast and affordable repair can save your walk-in freezer from costly repairs or even replacements in the future. Let’s discuss what you should be doing if your commercial walk-in freezer breaks.

If you experience your walk-in freezer malfunctioning, consider some of these options going forward. Identifying a problem right away can save the walk-in freezer from developing any additional harmful issues. Some of these problems include: 

Frost build-up and Temperature Inaccuracy

Typically if there is frost-build up it can indicate that the temperature of the walk-in freezer isn’t accurate. Items within the freezer itself can melt and refreeze again. There is no use in keeping those items in the freezer due to the possibility of them being hazardous. Always check if the freezer door closes and if items are blocking the door from closing. Both frost build-up and inaccurate temperatures are common problems that should be dealt with sooner rather than later.

Noisy and Leaky Freezer

A noisy and leaky freezer are also indicators that your walk-in freezer is broken. Any inconsistent noise should be an alarm that your walk-in freezer is broken. You can call CooperFix Appliance Repair to have all your walk-in freezer needs taken care of. Leaking water poses a major problem for any walk-in freezer. If not dealt with immediately, mold can develop and become a safety hazard for any owner of a walk-in freezer. It’s important to take preventative measures to keep your commercial walk-in freezer running efficiently. 

What To Do

Once you identify that your walk-in freezer is broken and in need of repair, it’s important to take action yourself. A walk-in freezer can only hold a safe temperature between 24-48 hours. Make sure your walk-in freezer is completely closed; this will avoid any more unnecessary heat from entering the walk-in freezer. Once the freezer is closed up, it’s time to consider an alternative freezing solution for the items inside the walk-in freezer.

It’s important to plan a safe exit strategy for your food to keep it fresh. If you’re an owner of a large walk-in freezer, you’re going to want to save as much food as you can. Have a shipping plan for the food you want to keep, making it easy to allocate the amount you’ll have to transfer to a working freezer. Everything that is already frozen can be transferred to a functioning freezer for the time being. Having a cooler on standby is also an efficient way of keeping track of items you need to move. Walk-in freezer owners need to be able to keep all their food fresh, especially restaurant owners.It’s important to diagnose each food item to make sure there aren’t any items that are unsafe for consumption. Ship off the items to an alternative freezer so the items can remain cool. After all the items are safely escorted to a different freezer, it’s time to call CooperFix Appliance Repair. Once the freezer is up and running again, safely put the items back in their respective spots. 

Contact CooperFix Appliance Repair

Dealing with a broken freezer can be frustrating. It’s important to handle the situation with care and take the necessary measures. Call CooperFix Appliance Repair immediately regarding your broken walk-in freezer. CooperFix Appliance Repair is trustworthy with any commercial repair and we’re happy to offer advice on any appliance repair. We are a family-owned and managed business that believes in keeping our excellent services reputable. Our clients appreciate our complete transparency and efficiency as appliance repair experts. We encourage you to call with any problems regarding your walk-in freezer at (647)-483-3777.