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Expert Home Oven Service

We are known for fixing oven problems that others can’t. Our team is fully trained, certified and fully equipped to tackle any oven issue, and they’re ready to serve you now!

As a family owned, local business, our team has been serving Toronto and the GTA for the past 20 years. Our trusted and reliable appliance repair specialists are here to address any problem with your oven. We stand behind our stellar reputation and our professional services and we offer nothing less than efficient and fully transparent service.  

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    Oven Repair Service You Can Trust

    Affordable Rates

    An appliance repair shouldn’t cost the same as a new appliance. We’ll help you save more!

    Bonded & Insured

    Better be safe than sorry - we are bonded and insured for your piece of mind. Our warranty also backs our work.

    Reliable Service

    Our industry experts can repair even the most complicated appliance issues.

    Excellent Reputation

    Our work speaks for itself, and we have over 20 years of experience to back it all up.

    Based on 96 reviews
    Danny Levin
    Danny Levin
    October 13, 2023
    Tomer at Cooperfix was an extremely knowledgeable professional that had the expertise to repair/rebuild a water chiller unit that I do not think many others would have been able to. He had to make 3 total visits during which he was always on time, polite and the quoted prices were the end prices with no surprises. Highly recommend.
    dee cheng
    dee cheng
    August 25, 2023
    They know what there doing! Not like so many other companies scam ppl. Knowledgeable and professional, thank you guys!
    David Lee
    David Lee
    April 14, 2023
    Tom showed up on time, was very knowledgeable and very transparent with pricing. He fixed our problem quickly, will definitely call again if needed.
    Steve Valentini
    Steve Valentini
    February 17, 2023
    Fixed our walk-in cooler. Was fast, professional, and explained everything they were doing. Will keep going back for any needs we have.
    Onin Watin
    Onin Watin
    November 28, 2022
    Very quick response. I saw their ad in facebook marketplace. Called them, booked same day, came after a few hours, fixed everything in 30mins. Very professional and knowledgable.

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    Our Service Areas

    CooperFIx Refrigeration Repair offers reliable, same-day commercial and industrial refrigeration unit repair services in Toronto and the GTA. Our customer support centre is open 7 days a week to assist you in booking a service call.

    Oven Repair - North

    Oven Repair - GTA

    Common Oven Issues

    • Oven doesn’t heat up properly
    • Oven doesn’t cook properly
    • Oven temperature wrong
    • Oven won’t turn on
    • Oven doesn’t work
    • Oven lights blinking
    • Oven won’t close
    • Oven too hot
    • Oven showing error codes
    • Oven broiler issues
    • Oven fan keeps running
    • Oven won’t turn off
    • Oven smells bad
    • Oven preheat doesn’t work
    • Oven is too cold
    • Oven settings don’t work
    • Unable to bake in oven
    • Oven lights don’t turn on

    Oven Repair FAQs

    Is it worth repairing a oven?

    The best way to determine whether it’s better to repair or replace your oven is the cost, especially for commercial ovens. If repairs will cost you almost as much as a brand new oven, it’s better to replace it. Also, if you have to do these repairs frequently, then buying a new oven will make more sense. However, if you have a fault that can easily grant your oven a couple more years, then you should go ahead with the repair.

    The spirals that form the oven element expand by up to 10 mm when fully heated, and the constant retraction and expansion plays a big role in the wear and tear of the elements, which will eventually lead to them breaking down.

    The most likely issue in an oven that won’t heat up is a defective heating element. You can test this out by selecting different heat settings in your oven and seeing which ones turn on.

    The oven is an essential appliance, so it’s likely used very frequently. Depending on how much you use it, the average lifespan of an oven is around 16 years.

    It is our goal to finish the repair within the initial visit. Over the years, we estimate that we are successful in repairing ovens with one visit around 95% of the time. We carry most of the standard replacement appliance parts in our trucks along with all of the necessary tools to complete the job. If we need to return to complete the repair, there will be no additional charge.

    Oven Maintenance Tips

    Electricity shouldn’t meet water and cleaning solution. When cleaning the oven, unplug it first and avoid squirts of water behind the knobs. The liquid can go deep and cause an electrical shortage. Instead, use a microfiber cloth and lightly spray it with cleaner to remove the debris.

    The grime and gunk from cooking will make your oven less efficient and unsafe. Give your oven a thorough clean two times a year to keep it in great shape. Here’s how to do it:

    • Unplug and shut off its switch.
    • Wipe down the exterior.
    • Scrub the insides with oven cleaner or soapy water.
    • Soak the burners and scrub away the residue in hot water.
    • Remove the hood filters and soak them.
    • Make sure everything is fully dry before plugging in the oven again.

    If you have a gas oven, make sure to check for leaks. The easiest way to do this is to use a leak detector. If you notice any leaks, close the gas valve, open the windows and contact the gas company immediately.

    Do not use the oven as storage as you may forget items inside the next time you turn it on to preheat. Also, overloading the oven will decrease its performance and put you in danger. Instead of cooking too much at a time, try cooking similar foods together and stagger cooking times.

    The oven seal keeps heat inside the oven, and if they are defective, that can lead to heat escaping and make cooking a nightmare. Inspect your gaskets and door lock when you do regular maintenance, just to make sure you’re not making your oven work twice as hard.

    Common Oven Parts

    • Oven bake element
    • Oven broil element
    • Oven sealed surface burner
    • Oven coil surface element
    • Oven park module
    • Oven door switch
    • Oven control knob
    • Oven grease filter
    • Oven igniter
    • Oven park electrode
    • Oven fan

    Each service truck carries a full inventory of common replacement parts so we can perform most refrigerator repairs within the same day.

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